Galerie Beatrice Brunner

Illumination, 2010 (Videostill), 9 min loop, 16:9, no sound,
DVD & HD Video

Peter Aerschmann

Born 1969 in Fribourg/CH, lives and works in Bern/CH

Peter Aerschmann‘s work draws upon an immense personal archive of video sequences and photographs, accumulated by him during his frequent trips around the world. He places everyday situations and objects, such as street scenes, in new contexts to evoke another reality. Real and virtual scenarios overlap and combine to create different forms of perception. His video installations compel partly because of their engagement with contemporary issues, their global reach and cultural diversity, as well as their recognisable visual language. Aerschmann does not take a singular perspective, however — his work is always serious as well as playful, it engages both the political and the surreal, the real and the virtual.

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Link to the Video Compilation Showreel (2005-2013) by Peter Aerschmann:

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